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I want to go to the top of a really tall building, take a leak, finish, zip up, and then have my pee hit the ground. I want my entire pee to be airborne. Man I love beer.
Wednesday, July 14, 2004
Blah, blah, blog
In the future everyone who doesn't flunk out of English class will be issued a blog so they have a place to complain about not making money. I would have my own blog, but then I would feel pressure to produce columns, and then I would start resenting my boss (which would be me), and start doing things to undermine the column. Finally I would have to fire myself, and then be totally relieved because I hated that damn job anyway but couldn't admit it to myself because I thought I needed the paycheck, but then realize that no paycheck (not even a nonexistent one) is worth it when you have to work for an asshole like that.

On second thought maybe I should start a blog. It sounds like fun.

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