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Sunday, June 04, 2006
"Honey, we need to go to the emergency room"
News story this weekend about a bear mauling in Homer, Alaska. The maulee, Mike Mungoven, was a great interview:
  • "I really think the bear actually showed quite a bit of kindness in the way she mauled me," Mungoven said.

  • After hearing the bear disappear into the woods, Mungoven said he called after his dogs several times. "They were at the road, waiting for me to come out of the woods," he said. "They were just sitting there like, 'OK, when you're done playing with the bear, we'll be right here waiting for you.'"

  • "It's not the first time I've walked in the door and said, 'Honey, we need to go to the emergency room,'" he said.

I have to admit I kind of identify with the last quote.

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