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Monday, July 11, 2005
Quitcher Goddamn Bitchin'
Open message to my fellow bloggers:

1. It's a blog, and posting to one is called blogging. That's what it's called, like it or not. If you have a special name for jogging, or felching, or whatever else it is you do frequently and compulsively, do you go around bitching about how the name sucks and should be changed to the word you prefer? Do you expect people to care? I think hope not.

2. If you hate the term 'blogosphere' (which is pretty stupid), don't use it. Every person who makes a point of announcing They Hate the Word Blogosphere only adds another reference for Google to pick up, thus perpetuating it. Blogosphere! Blogosphere! Blogosphere!

3. Announcing how you despise the terms or concepts of "blog," "blogging," or "the blogosphere" really sets you apart from all the other bloggers out there. You are God's special unique snowflake and way cooler than all those other dorks who are secretly hoping their blog will turn into a book deal. Now get me a beer.

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