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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Once an area is infected, it never fully recovers
Since this is the slow time of the year for me at work I have quite a bit of time on my hands these days, and since I'm a compulsive reader I've been visiting Happy Blog Land on a regular basis. Over at Waiter Rant, a recent post detailed the characteristics and habits of Yuppies. I was surprised that there was any confusion, but apparently there is (read the comments).

Which got me to thinking about the various, uh, variants that have sprung up over the years. One I haven't heard, but which needs to make its way into common usage, is a descriptor for the following personality type:

Sadly, the PNW is infested with these fuckers, the majority of whom emigrated here from California starting in the 70's and continuing to the present day. Even more sadly, The Town In Which I Live is almost completely overrun. From the description, it should be fairly obvious that these people combine many of the least desirable traits of both Hippies and Yuppies. So henceforth, this type is to be referred to as Herppies.

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