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I want to go to the top of a really tall building, take a leak, finish, zip up, and then have my pee hit the ground. I want my entire pee to be airborne. Man I love beer.
Thursday, March 03, 2005
I am a bad person (part 1 of an infinite list)
I found a scribbled note lurking at the bottom of one of my bags the other day. The handwriting was erratic and sloppy, which is a sure sign it's something I wrote while driving. It read:

[approaching a pickup from behind on the freeway]
"Hey mister! Is that your girlfriend or is it your dog?
driving near enough to get a good look into the cab:
"Hardy Har Har! It's your girlfriend and it's your dog!"

You can take the boy out of Kitsap, but you can't take the Kitsap out of the boy.

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