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Friday, August 06, 2004
Normally I dislike promotional web sites for movies, but I was drawn to visit the site for Napoleon Dynamite by strange forces I don't completely comprehend. Or didn't - until I heard the theme song, which sounds like the soundtrack to a game show where the grand prize is some Valium. It's groovy and it repeats itself effortlessly and it's addictive as hell. You have been warned.

Addendum: I saw the movie last night, and heard some of the idiotic "controversy" about it being a 'racist' film. Anyone who thinks this film is racist is defective and should be removed from the breeding pool immediately. Plus, isn't assuming that anything involving the state of Idaho and any kind of ethnic content that doesn't conform neatly to PC dogma just another form of bigotry?

As for the movie itself, it's all about the dance number.

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