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Tuesday, August 10, 2004
Biting the hand that feeds me
A quick chronicle of a technical support issue I recently had with Blogger. My original question dealt with why my profile picture suddenly disappeared from the blog after I had swapped it for a newer version. Here is their reply to my question:

You may want to try republishing your site to see if this will resolve
your problem.

and my response:

Oh, for Christ's sake. That was the single lamest tech "support" reply
I have ever gotten. Considering the level of detail I provided in my
message, it should have been at least marginally obvious that I had
indeed attempted to republish the blog. On multiple occasions. It
seemed so obvious that I *thought* it didn't bear mentioning.

Thanks for nothing. If you have something constructive to tell me that
might resolve the situation, I am all ears.

Amazingly enough, I got a constructive answer in return. Kids, take note: Rudeness Pays Off.

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