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Tuesday, September 06, 2005
New Orleans is Sinking

Consider yourself warned
Ladies and Gentlemen: This Is America

I have to admit that my first thought upon hearing details about The Chaos in 'Nawlins was "I wonder if they're going to just build a fortified wall around the area and let them fend for themselves, like a southern-fried version of Escape From New York?"

Who knew John Carpenter was such a visionary? OK, I guess most of us.

I once heard someone refer to Nawlins as "a giant toilet waiting to flush." Suddenly very appropriate, eh?
Sadly, it looks like someone crammed too much TP in the toilet and it only ended up overflowing. Instead of using a plunger to clean it out, we should just drop in a cherry bomb.
I was hoping that last comment was in response to the Toilet Bunny post, but alas, it was not. Too bad, it woud have certainly livened up my workday.
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