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I want to go to the top of a really tall building, take a leak, finish, zip up, and then have my pee hit the ground. I want my entire pee to be airborne. Man I love beer.
Thursday, July 15, 2004
They don't call it Mt. Baker for nothing
Several people have left our company lately. Some will be missed more than others.

The other person who is supposed to be contributing to this blog wrote this about one of the people who will be missed, upon the occasion of her going missing:

This is sad for me because
1) she's from Montana, and
b) I saw her and her husband in Fred Meyer once laughing themselves sick in the cracker section. I snuck up behind them and surprised them, and they turned around almost in tears (and with very red eyes, if you know what I mean) and showed me a box of crackers called Baked Socialites.

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