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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
The Radio Control Rat: Addendum
The rat arrived a couple of weeks ago and was promptly confiscated by my wife. It is even cooler than promised. Instead of left/right and forward/back controls, it is instead operated by two choices: "forward" and "spin," the latter of which causes it to revolve in place at a high rate of speed. AND its eyes light up an evil red color whenever it is in motion. Perfect for terrorizing small children, pets, and easily startled adults.

I wanted to take the rat to work to show it off, but when I announced this plan my wife snapped, "he doesn't want to go with you."

It's good to know where you reside on your spouse's list of priorities, and I rest secure that I rank below the radio control rat. I can't complain - it's clearly more awesome than I can even aspire to be.

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