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Monday, March 06, 2006
Why I'm proud to be PNWed
Man Kills Cougar With Pocket Knife
From Northern Light, 2 August 2002

VICTORIA, British Columbia (AP) - A 61-year-old man was seriously slashed in a battle with a cougar in British Columbia, but managed to kill the animal with his pocket knife, officials said Friday.

The 100-pound cat leaped on Dave Parker from behind Thursday evening as he walked down a road a mile south of Port Alice, a village on Vancouver Island about 230 miles north of Victoria.

Conservation officer Ken Fujino said Parker was being mauled by the adult male but was able to reach his 3-inch knife. Port Alice Mayor Larry Pepper added Parker then slit its throat.

Despite extensive wounds, Parker managed to walk about a mile for help.

He underwent surgery Friday at Victoria's Royal Jubilee Hospital and was listed in stable condition, said spokeswoman Lianne Peterson.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer Jeff Flindall said police found Parker's knife next to the dead cougar.

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