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Thursday, July 15, 2004
Reviews: the all new Seattle Public Library
I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying publishing items that other people have sent me without their permission. Any complaints may be sent to my lawyer, the Hon. Robert Q. Gofuckyourself.

Let's all just jump on the amorphic glob trend!

It's like having a cool giant skylight in your ugly ass cement basement. Cement floors, steel ceilings, glass walls, just like a big warehouse of the future - I'm guessing it's really loud.

the red hallway reminds me of a 'walk through the lungs' type science exhibit. Or something out of the death star.

So how much did this "masterpiece" cost? Seems to me that if an architect gets to go off on as building he should pay us. On the other hand if there is no fucking fish art then maybe it's worth it.

What's the budget to clean all the glass? In 20 years it's gonna look like shit. in 30 they tear it down.

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