:Chloroform in Print
I want to go to the top of a really tall building, take a leak, finish, zip up, and then have my pee hit the ground. I want my entire pee to be airborne. Man I love beer.
Thursday, July 22, 2004
Designer Coffee
Now, I enjoy a good, high quality cup of coffee as much as the next person who enjoys a good, high quality cup of coffee. But I think the marketing for this stuff has gotten out of control:

Bold, yet fruity, with a complex aftertaste reminiscent of saddle leather, pomegranate, and cedar, this coffee confers status upon the drinker. Each individual bean is gummed from the coffee bush by a Guatemalan infant, certified to be no older than 18 months, and carried by the mother in an organic cotton, hand-woven baby sling. Quantities are limited.

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